Meeting our customer needs

HESWA are privileged to employ a dynamic team of dedicated people to help make the business what it is today. Staff are as important to HESWA as our customers are. “Without our dedicated staff, we cant look after our valuable customers,” says Brad Gardiner – Director.

A great team of people, all bringing their part to the business to help service and look after our clients with a high level of customer service. It’s not uncommon for our staff to do whatever it takes to look after our clients, dropping gear off after hours to satisfy urgent client needs as well as even meeting customers at their home to make sure they have what they need to get the job done when an emergency arises!

We hope you can learn a little more about our fantastic team by taking a few moments on this page.

  • Brad Gardiner


    Brad was one of the founders of HESWA back in 2005 and now oversees all aspects of the business. He has over 30 years experience involved in the lifting and rigging sector, and has worked in all sections of the business, specializing in large project management and liaising directly with major and corporate customers and suppliers. Brad, still today, is dealing with his first time customers from 30 years ago a testament from offering a high level of customer satisfaction . Brad is also a contributor to the “Global Lifting Group”, like-minded lifting business located throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

  • Craig Sweetapple


    Craig was one of the founders of HESWA back in 2005 and now manages all purchasing, supplier quality control, and also is involved with servicing long term clients from his 28 year involvement in the lifting / rigging industry. Craig also has worked in all sections of the business and it isn’t uncommon to find Craig out on the test bed or assisting the workshop staff with major projects. Craig is also a contributor to the “Global Lifting Group”, like-minded lifting business located throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

  • Nicholas Lloyd

    General Manager

    Nic has been employed with HESWA now for coming up 8 years, and with over 15 years industry experience, Nic is a valuable asset to the team. Nic oversees and manages all aspects of the business with particular involvement in the sales area. Nic has a vast knowledge of all aspects of the business, and works directly with Brad & Craig with major projects and strategies for the business. Nic is located in our main sales area in the showroom and is always involved in sharing the day to day sales workload, amongst other critical aspects of the business. Renown for his hard work and customer focus, Nic is another integral member of the HESWA team.

  • Neal Henley

    Inspection & Testing Officer /

    Neal is a dynamic team member, with several years experience related to the industry. Neal is a thorough and methodical worker which is essential with this role. In saying that he isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty and will often be found in our testing area inspecting clients equipment, repairing & re-certifying the gear for a new lease of life. Neal is a valuable and flexible team member, having the skills to also be involved in our warehouse and stores area.

  • Sharon O’Donnell

    Office Administrator

    Sharon has been working with HESWA now since its inception many years ago. Sharon is a pleasant and meticulous employee, always striving to do the best for our customers, suppliers, and employees. Sharon directly manages all accounts, office administration and also gets involved with special account projects. Sharon has had extensive experience in all aspects of office administration, and is also a fantastic muffin chef on those special occasions!!


  • Kevin Dowell

    Warehouse Team Leader

    Kevin is dedicated to hard work, quality workmanship and “doing the job right”. Kev is a meticulous worker and is always involved in all aspects of the workshop. Kev works directly with Neal and together are a fantastic warehouse management team. You wont find a harder working individual, we are lucky to have him with the HESWA team.

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